Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Major Changes

If you're looking at the blog today, you'll notice there have been some significant changes.  Both the website address and the title have changed and the long list of max level characters on each server in World of Warcraft have gone, replaced by some information on the various other games that I'm playing.

Thank you to my good friend Sarah (@InternetofWords/@MoveablePress) with help on brainstorming the new name as well as the absolutely brilliant new blog header!  

What has prompted this?  For starters, for the first time in probably 14 years, I'm no longer subscribed to World of Warcraft.  I haven't played meaningfully in several months, and I'm getting enough entertainment from the other games that I'm playing that I haven't really missed it at all.  

This blog post isn't going to be a bash on Warcraft.  I know a lot of people are still enjoying the current iteration of the game, and that's great.  I'm just finding that other games are working better for me right now.

The other major changes, is after getting some good feedback on Twitter, I changed the main class that I'm playing in ESO to Magicka Templar, and it definitely feels a lot better and more fluid to me!  Since I already went through the Coldharbour quest line on my Magicka Sorceror, I decided to skip that on the Templar and just work my way through the Daggerfall Covenant storyline.  That's been really good so far and I'm really enjoying that storyline.  

Thanks to @Clockwork_Bells, @_JoshuaCooper and @Belghast for the recommendations on classes and questing progression!

I will likely go back and do the Coldharbour stuff at some point, but for now, I'm having a good time working my way through the DC stuff.  My new Magicka Templar, Joarvyk, is sitting at level 22.

In FFXIV, I'm continuing to work through DOH/DOL progression and am very close to having all of these jobs to level 70 and progress on to Shadowbringers stuff.  The Stormblood leveling for these jobs has been a ton easier than Heavensward was and I'm back to leveraging Grand Company turn-ins and Namazu beast tribe dailies for a lot of the progress.

Here is where I stand on each job:


Miner - 71
Botanist - 70
Fisher - 68


Weaver - 69
Goldsmith - 69
Alchemist - 69
Blacksmith - 69
Leatherworker - 69
Culinarian - 68
Armorer - 69
Carpenter - 69

The mid-Stormblood crafting gear has got quite the look going:

Apparently I'm prepared for both blacksmithing, waltzing and an evening with the Bridgertons, all at the same time.



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  1. Good luck on the pivot, we've all been there, but 14 years is impressive, I've always taken sub breaks throughout the years :)

    Shame that the old address now 404s, although I guess you could register it again and make a single post pointing to this one - I was surprised to see some error in my feed reader today (yeah, I'm slow atm).

    Glad I follow you on Twitter, there I saw a link here. (btw, Twitter bio still has the old link as well).


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