Tuesday, February 16, 2021

More FFXIV and ESO

 I've been moving things along in both ESO and FFXIV.  I've been mostly working on crafting and gathering jobs in FFXIV (which are called Disciple of the Hand (DOH) and Disciple of the Land (DOL) in that game).  

Up until fairly recently, I've been mostly using Grand Company turn-ins every day to level those, but after hitting level 50 on most of the crafting disciplines, the materials for those became pretty prohibitive, so I've switched to an alternative approach called "Ishgard Restoration" that's from the Heavensward expansion.  You basically craft things intended to help rebuild Ishgard.  Most of the mats are easily obtainable from a zone linked to Ishgard, and those that aren't are much easier to go out and gather than the ones you'd need at these levels from Grand Company turn-ins.  I'm still doing the Grand Company turn-ins each day for the gathering jobs, but I've stopped for everything else.

I may also do some Ishgard Leve-quests on the gathering side of things as well.

Here is where I stand on each of the professions so far:

Carpenter - 53
Blacksmith - 53
Armorer - 52
Goldsmith - 55
Leatherworker - 54
Weaver - 55
Alchemist - 53
Culinarian - 53

Miner - 55
Botanist - 53
Fisher - 48 (fisher isn't really used for anything else while leveling, so I'm less concerned about that one)

I'm also continuing to work on my Machinist, who is sitting at level 53.  I've also got a Lancer (28) and White Mage (38) in progress as well.

Elder Scrolls Online

In ESO, I'm still working through the story line.  My Magicka Sorceror is sitting at level 22 and still working through the Coldharbour storyline.  Still struggling to find good places to stick skill points, but it doesn't seem to be hurting me while I'm working my way through things.

I'm not really doing much with the professions besides deconstructing all the stuff that I accumulate in my bags, which seems to at least be giving me some skill ups.

World of Warcraft

I'm still occasionally puttering around with leveling my death knight.  He still sitting around level 54 and working his way through Maldraxxus, but he hasn't been totally sidelined at this point.

That's the update for this week!



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