Tuesday, May 26, 2020

It Wasn't A Very Long Break

As often as I may try to take a break from Warcraft, I find it generally draws me back in.  Whether there is any compelling reason for it to do so or not.

So I'm back to playing a little bit.  Mostly I wanted to try to get a few more characters in a position to run horrific visions just to see how I find those on classes other than warlock.  Hunter was the first attempt, which felt really good, and I'm likely going to try demon hunter next.

I'm continuing to resist the urge to level another character wanting to save those last few slots on my account for the streamlined leveling process that Shadowlands promises.

The ability to purchase corruptions is also intriguing while I'm working through horrific visions, so I'm starting to watch the cycles for those as well.

Finally, I may pick up the pet battle achievements where I had left them off.



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