Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Taking a Little Break

I've been taking a bit of a break for a couple of weeks.  Running emissaries and the various Vale and Uldum stuff every was starting to lose it's charm, so I've switched over to playing SWTOR a bit.  My kids decided to pick it up, so that was no small part of the motivation there (although SWTOR still isn't the greatest for just general questing in groups).

However, this week is a double rep bonus, with the overall rep bonus still in effect and the weekly world quest rep bonus up this week, so I may go back to doing emissaries this week on my various key toons just to get the extra rep and probably a few extra paragon chests, and all the gold that goes with all of that.

With still no news about the timing of Shadowlands release, and a double xp bonus in effect for SWTOR, finishing all the various class stories there and getting my main character up to the new max level is suddenly a bit more interesting than grinding things out in Warcraft for no reason.  There is at least a ton of new (to me) content there to experience.

I've been saying this for a long time now, but the devs at Warcraft still need to figure out a way to keep some form of new content coming during the now very typical and very long drought between the release of the final raid of an xpac and the go-live of the new xpac. 



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