Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Paladin on to Cataclysm and a Permanent Drop From the Weekly Checklist

So I managed to get my alliance paladin to level 80 last night, which means he's heading for Mount Hyjal.  I was briefly thinking about going the Vash'jir route because I haven't done it in a really long time, but then I remembered that I'm not completely insane.

I managed to get through Northrend without doing a single dungeon more than once, other than the requisite 2-3 passes through Utgarde Keep from levels 68-70.  So that was all good.

He's looking to be in pretty good shape for hitting max within the next week or two, so in plenty of time for WoD.  Doesn't look like my poor alliance shadow priest is going to be as lucky, but that's okay.

I also managed to cross something off my standing weekly to do list permanently.

Thank you Onyxia!  It'll be weird not seeing you every week.  Enjoy the break from my Chaos Bolts.

I also solo'd the Zul'Aman speed run and managed to get the Amani Bear mount as well, so all in, it was a good week for new mounts for the Joar empire.

After 6.0 drops, potentially next week, I'll be starting the process of cleaning out my bags, and potentially planning the various garrison buildings that I'll be targeting for my various toons that I'll be leveling for WoD.

I'm also debating my leveling order for WoD.  I'm pretty sure Joar will be first, then some combination of death knight, shaman, paladin and hunter, but haven't decided for sure on any of those yet.

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