Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Return to Leveling the Alliance Army

So I've run out of things to distract me at this point, so I've gone back to working on leveling my alliance army.  Right now the warlock is getting the most attention, but I've been slowly working on the other 7 characters a bit while they have full rested xp.

Hard to believe it, but my last update on this blog on my various alliance toons was all the way back in October.  I'm actually pretty surprised with how much progress I've made since that point, with a total of 81 levels gained over that period of time.  I actually managed to get both my death knight and my hunter from 85 to 90 in that period of time as well.

So here's the update on a toon by toon basis from where they were in October to now:

Death Knight 85 -> 90
Druid 40 -> 45
Hunter 85 -> 90
Mage 39 -> 43
Paladin 40 -> 44
Priest 39 -> 44
Rogue 37 -> 43
Shaman 40 -> 46
Warlock 38 -> 72
Warrior 39 -> 44
Monk 10 -> 12

The monk is going to be the recipient of the free boost to 90 since he's obviously the toon that will benefit the most from it.

My plan is to finish the warlock up and then probably switch to either the priest or the shaman for the next concentrated burst.  I very seriously doubt I'll be able to get all of these to 90 before the next xpac drops, but that's no big deal.  Just something to do while I wait.


  1. Consider using the boost on a 60+ for free professions boost. 1-60 doesn't take long especially on a monk, and depending on the profession you want that can be very time consuming process.

  2. @Cain - I hadn't even thought about using the boost for professions. I'm actually not really all that concerned with professions alliance side as I don't really do as much with those toons. So far, I've only ever raided on one (and that was within the last week) and I seem to make enough money just selling the stuff I accumulate while leveling to have gemmed and enchanted that one toon adequately. I had been thinking about working on my inscriptionist alliance side just to have that dependable source of income available. Might have to think about the boost though as my inscriptionist is at level 50 now so wouldn't take that long to get him to 60.


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