Tuesday, September 7, 2010

That's a Lot of Quests

So my son asked me this weekend how my quests I thought I had completed across all of my toons. I knew the number was likely quite large. I have almost 3,000 just on Joar, and I typically see the 1,000 quests achievement flash up on most of my toons before hitting 80. So I decided to do some armory work this morning with the servers down and see where I stood on quests and honorable kills.

So here is where we stand - 11,001 quests. That's just such an awesome number I'm tempted to never do another quest again just to keep it there. Or maybe just do 110 more so I leave it at 11,111. Either way, that's basically Seeker almost 4 times. Yikes.

Joar is the most with 2,633 with my druid second at 1,387 and my paladin in 3rd at 1,233.

On Honorable Kills, I have a total of 31,203 across my various toons. Again, Joar has the most at 14,137 with the druid again being second at 6,895 and the Death Knight actually comes in third on this one at 5,570.



  1. Go under statistics, and look up quests there. Regular quests are a large number, but I've done more dailies than regular quests. On Bloodshrike, I've got a total of 6,354 quests done, 3302 of which are daily quests. Yikes!

    I'm nowhere close to you on kills, though.

  2. @Bloodshrike - I'm actually not much of a dailies guy, so I don't think those will actually change the number all that much. I think last time I checked, I had done around 500 dailies on Joar, and he's likely the only one where that number is even over 100. Of course, if doing the daily dungeon finder and daily random battleground counts toward that, then that number will likely be a lot higher. And the Wintergrasp quests. OK - maybe I'm talking myself out of this. Unfortunately, Armory is down today for patch 4.0.1, but I'll have to check it out!


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