Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost Done

My playing time is going to be somewhat limited this week for various reasons, but I did manage to power through and get my rogue to level 78 over the course of the weekend. So only two more levels to go. And I can put on my bomber jacket, fly onto an aircraft carrier somewhere and stand there and look all happy under a big "Mission Complete" banner.

So the question then arises of what to do next. I do have some very short-term projects that I'm planning to work on - first is finishing leveling lockpicking on my rogue. He's currently sitting at a paltry 135, but has 7 bank tabs full of various lockboxes and junkboxes that I've accumulated. Should be fun. The main piece of work is going to be getting from 135 to 175, and then I think I can power mostly through on boxes from there.

Then, it's off to the land of gatherer, where I have several different gathering professions that I want to level up. Mining on the paladin and rogue, skinning and herbalism on the mage. On the priest, I'm currently debating - I'm thinking about setting him up as another alchemist to have a second transmute cooldown available. That's just been too good of a money maker for me in Wrath. Of course, there's no guarantee that will continue to be the case in Catalcysm. Seems like I need to do some quick research on how alchemy currently looks on the beta.

After that, I will likely alternate between gearing up various toons and finishing work on Loremaster on Joar. Loremaster seems less pressing now that it's more clear that it is still going to be out there come Cataclysm, but will likely still get some attention anyway.

I'm leaning towards focusing on gearing the mage and disc priest next. I was debating the hunter, but I've tried playing it on the beta, and the new focus mechanic just doesn't feel quite right to me. Will likely also finish the holy pally as well.

Then, I have an alliance death knight working his way through Hellfire. I've never seen the Alliance side of Outland or Northrend, so if I completely run out of things to mess around with, I might drive him the rest of the way to 80, just to see things from the Alliance side.


  1. Ask your rogue trainer where to level your lockpicking. Seriously. I always put it off, then noticed I had a lot of lockboxes in my bank that I couldn't open, and it was taking up way too much room. I think I went to Desolace first, and opened up the tons of basically practice boxes lying in the water there.

    At 135 though, you'd probably be going to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale first.

    Once I did that, I quickly leveled it to the max, and kept up with leveling it each time I dinged. Pickpocketing as you level will help you as well, since those lockboxes won't give any cool items, but will still give a LP skillpoint.

  2. @Bloodshrike

    That actually worked really well. I'd been saving all the boxes that I had pick-pocketed from various mobs, as well as everything I'd looted from all of my leveling toons, so I literally had a complete bank full of nothing but boxes to open. I just seemed to be stuck getting to about 175. Going to Zoram Strand and then Desolace seemed to take care of it though, and was able to get the rest of the way just using what I had in stock.


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