Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ding! Level 80 #8

OK - this post is actually a bit late as I managed to hit 80 on my shadow priest on Friday night. I actually did a lot of the Call to Arms battlegrounds on Friday evening in order to push him over the finish line. I have dual spec on the priest and have found that discipline is extremely powerful for PvP healing.

I now just have 9 levels of the rogue left to go, and probably two months to do it in. So I may slow down a bit and focus on gearing some of the toons from my existing 8 80's that aren't already geared. Basically, only 2 of my existing 80's are geared enough to be able to run ICC - my warlock and my druid.

The results of my guild poll were very heavily in favor of working on my shaman next, so I started that process and am also working on gearing the pally as holy a bit. There can be a lot out there on the auction house that would let you gear a lot of these toons very quickly - so I'm trying to avoid that temptation wherever possible. Seems like a bad idea to spend a lot of gold on gear that is likely going to be replaced by quest greens in a few months.

So - that is where things stand at the moment. I'll still work on the rogue a bit when my play situation doesn't allow me to run instances, and other than that, will probably be fairly randomly focused on gearing.

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