Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Leveling Update

March was a relatively slow month for leveling. The distraction of having lots of new shinies available for my existing level 80's and the desire to gear a few of them up definitely cut down on the time I was spending on leveling, and you can clearly see that in the numbers. Plus, as it turns out, the more level 80's you have, the more time it takes to gear them up.

It also has started to bother me a little bit that my druid was outgearing my original main - Joar the Warlock, so I've started to run more heroics on Joar to catch him up.

Given that I only raid once or twice a month if that, I'm not sure why I care, but I seem to.

Anyway, for the numbers for March - I ended up racking up 25 levels in March (not counting my new Gnome Warlock over on Argent Dawn - which also slowed me down, now that I think about ti). That works out to right around 0.8 levels per day, and gives me an average for the year of just a touch under 1.3 levels per day.

At that rate, I'm now on track to have all nine horde toons to 80 by August 2nd - which should still be more than enough time for Cataclysm. Heck - I might even have time to get an Alliance toon to 80 before Cataclysm actually releases.

If you add in the levels for the Gnome Warlock, I was actually at 1.67 levels per day, which is pretty good, even throwing in a new toon.

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