Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dual Spec Subtlety at 40?

So I've made quite a bit of progress on my various toons so far in April. I managed to get Joarbek the Shammy all the way up to level 49. He's now so close to Outland I can smell sulfur. Woo hoo!

For the last day or two, I've been focusing on my rogue and he now sits at level 35. As he approaches 40, it's raised some questions about whether it might be worthwhile to get dual spec for him at level 40 and spec into the Subtlety tree for PvP. It seems kind of silly to have a rogue and not do a fair amount of PvP, and particularly on weekends, the Call to Arms battleground gives an enormous amount of xp - at least for a win.

The only drawback to my PvP plans is that while Combat is absolutely amazing for straight up questing and also for running instances, it seems to fall a little flat on the PvP front. I feel like someone trying to play a warrior, but wearing leather instead of something that will really protect me. So, I'm thinking about plunking down a little cash at level 40 and rocking dual spec on the rogue with Subtlety.

Now before you all light into me - I fully understand that Subtlety isn't the current uber endgame arena PvP build. If I was level 80, I would probably go ahead and do a Mut/Prep assassination / subtlety hybrid build which seems to be the selection of choice for the level 80 PvP crowd. But at level 40, I can't get far enough into the assassination tree to get mutilate or any of the fun abilities there and still be able to pick up some of the subtlety talents that seems to be hampering my PvP fun now. If anyone has a decent Assassination/Sub hybrid build that would work well pre-80, please let me know.

I was looking at possibly going 8 points into Subtlety in order to get Camouflage and then going down the Assassination tree from there. I'd get far enough down at level 40 to get Cold Blood and Fleet Footed, which seems like it would make me pretty formidable. So, I may experiment a little with that hybrid build versus a straight Subtlety build and I'll let everyone know what works well.


  1. I wish I could help, but so far I've only done Combat on my Rogues. I have a 67 Orc Rogue and a 49 NE Rogue that I should dual spec and play around with.

  2. @Bloodshrike - I may end up just sticking with combat for now. The problem that I run into is the amount of experience per hour to be gained seems to be highly dependent on having the weekend Call to Arms battleground, and then very dependent on the ability of your group to win. So it can end up being a lot of time invested for very little xp. Or huge xp in not much time. Continuing the questing route is just much more predictable.


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