Monday, February 5, 2024

Playing Mostly Elder Scrolls Online Lately

My intentions of sticking to a once-per-week blog posting schedule were quickly thwarted by some business travel two weeks ago and then a rough week last week getting caught up.  However, we're back this week.  

I came down with the flu this weekend, so my wife has me quarantined in a guest bedroom as our youngest son is coming into high school championship season for swimming,  and me getting him sick at this point would not be well received!  

So I might even get more than one post per week to get at least partially caught up.

In terms of video games, I've beey playing Elder Scrolls Online this week.  That's one of those games that I am always really comfortable with but just don't find myself playing that often.  I've decided, like with most other games that I play, to go ahead and try to get a character of each class to max level.   My original main, which is a Magicka Templar, has been there for quite some time, and I just finished getting a character of the new Arcanist class to max.

I'm now working on a Sorceror and after that, I plan to work on a Nightblade.  The Sorceror is sitting at level 45, so almost done with that one.  I have them spread out pretty well between the various factions, so that will give me different storylines to play.  I've been doing a random dungeon once per day as well because that's huge experience.  Beyond that, I'm just trucking along with the various storylines in different zones.

I'm thinking about having my Nightblade be Thieves Guild / Dark Brotherhood to see if it's possible to level that way.  I'm guessing it's probably not, but it's worth giving a try.  I've also debated setting foot in some of the DLC Dungeons now that my Sorceror is level 45, but will have to see if that's even possible.  I'm not sure if those give higher levels of xp or not.

I haven't really done much of anything in Final Fantasy once I got my Island to level 20.  I've been logging in to World of Warcraft periodically to do Niffem and Dream Warden world quests, but that's about it for there as well.

That's about it for today!



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