Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Continuing the Alt Leveling Run in Elder Scrolls Online

 For the past week, when I've had some play time, I've mostly continued my run at leveling alts in Elder Scrolls Online.  I got my Sorceror to level 50 and am now working on a Nightblade and a Dragonknight.

As I mentioned last week, I intended to start the Nightblade as a Stamina spec and try doing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood content along with the Daily Dungeon and PvP stuff to level him.  I think I've decided to switch back to Magblade and go the regular MSQ route for leveling instead.  I just think I'm not a sneaky sneaky style of player.  I much prefer just charging forward and smacking things.  Or at least blooping them from a distance with my spells.

The Dragonknight also seems fun so far.  Right now, the Nightblade is sitting at level 22, and the Dragonknight is at level 13, so I have a way to go on both.  After that, I will do a Necromancer, and then I might try leveling a Warden as a healer just for something different.

I also hopped back into World of Warcraft to continue getting renown on the Niffem guys and the Dream Wardens.  I reached Renown level 18 on the Niffem, which let me snag their mount.  As one of the hundreds of mounts I now have in Warcraft, I'm sure it's fine.

I'm still not really doing anything in either Final Fantasy or Guild Wars 2 these days.  Guild Wars 2 has more content coming out later this month, so that may change, at least for a while.

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