Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Back to Working on the Dragoon

I returned from my trip to the Netherlands last week and am working diligently on leveling my Dragoon.  Since my previous update, I managed to finish the Dark Knight, so the Dragoon is the only one left of the regular classes I still need to get to 90.  Note that I'm saying normal because I technically still have a Blue Mage that I need to get from 50 to 80, but I'm not looking forward to that.

The Dragoon is currently sitting at level 76.  I finished up the job story quests, which were really quite excellent.  I'm not traveling again anytime soon other than the typical weekend at water polo tournaments with the youngest, so I should be able to knock this one out quickly.

I should get the Dragoon to max level just in time for the launch of the next patch, which will bring a bunch of new content and a new alliance raid.  I can use that as a chance to gear up all of my various jobs, along with running daily experts.

Besides, I've been wondering a bit about how to keep myself busy.  I've been thinking about resubscribing to World of Warcraft just to get caught up on the content there.  I also need to finish the new expansion content in Guild Wars 2 on my Necromancer.  Beyond that, I've just been doing daily crafting scrips in ESO to slowly level up the various crafting professions I haven't already done - primarily alchemy, provisioning, and jewel crafting. 

That's it for now.



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