Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Switching to World Completion in GW2

First, my interest in the new patch for World of Warcraft lasted only briefly.  I did knock out the first wing of LFR.  The bosses were good, but no loot drops for me (although I will get something out of my vault at least).  I may keep at it a little bit more, but with the new FFXIV patch dropping next week and me still having a pretty high level of interest in GW2, I don't see myself spending much time on it.

GuildWars 2

So I decided to switch from leveling alts to working on World Completion on my Necromancer.  I've also started working on crafting a bit on them as well and have gotten Tailoring up to 150 or so.  I didn't really spend anything other than on thread from the vendor at this point because everything else was sitting in my material storage.  One of the advantages of never having done any crafting I guess.

The World Completion bit is going a little bit better.  I'm starting with the original zones first, and I just have the Charr areas and the whole Orrian area to knock out before I have that done.  After that, I'll just work through the expansions in order.  Because of the way I leveled this particular character, I have more of the zones done from more recent expansions, so these older zones are where most of the work is for me anyway.  In most of them, I only have a waypoint or two.

I'm at 72% right now, so I'm in pretty decent shape. The next few weeks will mean a reduced amount of play time because of some real-life things.  Combine that with the FFXIV patch next week, and it may be a while before I make significant progress on this again.  I've gone from around 31% to 72% in about 2 weeks, so that seems pretty decent.  I'll need to find a HoT Hero Point train at some point too.

There are so many things that I'm still trying to figure out about this game - it may be another blog post to list the questions I have in the hopes that someone is reading!  And one of these days, I'll figure out how to clean up my bank and other bag space.  There's a ton of stuff that I'm saving, and I've got no clue if I need any of it.


So despite probably being my "main game" at this point, I haven't touched it much in quite a few weeks other than logging on periodically to make sure I don't lose my house.

I'm looking forward to the patch next week though and will definitely be setting everything else aside for that and for the new raid each week.  I may go back to leveling the last four jobs if I get caught in that FFXIV mood.


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