Thursday, May 4, 2023

Leveling Alts in GW2 and Warcraft Patch 10.1


I finally managed to complete my Skyscale last week.  After completing the saddle, which I discussed in my previous post, the rest was pretty simple.  It involved a lot of running around the world but was not overly complicated aside from that.  With that task done, I've started leveling alts again.  I currently have a Necromancer, Ranger, and Revenant at max level.

For the next profession to level, I tried all of them, but it came down to a choice between Warrior, Thief, and Mesmer for what I wanted to do next.  I picked Warrior and now have him up to around level 51 or so.  I'm playing a Charr, which I haven't done before, so that aspect has also been interesting. 

It's been a while since I did the basic leveling process.  I don't know if the Adventure Log in the Achievement pane is new, but there is undoubtedly a ton of experience available from getting those things done, plus it's all things you should sort of be doing as part of leveling anyway, so I've found that to be a helpful way to go.  The extra experience it grants also removes the need to constantly hunt for hearts to complete.  At Adventure Log Level 2, each one also requires the completion of a world boss from the zones of those levels, which also grants a ton of xp, so both of those things have really helped move things along without feeling like I missed out on learning the character like I would if I just used Tomes.

After the Warrior, I will likely do either Thief or Mesmer next.

World of Warcraft

So despite some brief considerations of unsubscribing again, I downloaded the latest patch and started playing around with it a bit.  The story so far is at least interesting enough to probably keep me engaged for another month or more, so I will likely stick with it a while longer.  I still need to finish up renowns on the original factions, and there seems to be quite a bit to do in the new zone.  And, of course, I'll also give the new raid a look.  This will likely continue to be on my warlock as I remain uninterested in returning to my altoholic days with WoW.


With everything else going on, FFXIV is the game that has been suffering an altogether lack of attention at this point.  I only have four jobs left to have absolutely everything at 90 - Paladin, Monk, Dark Knight, and Dragoon.  I think part of the problem is that none of those four really excite me.  I could see myself knocking out the dps jobs, but I'm just not that interested in tanking to feel motivated for the other two.

However, when the new patch comes out later this month, I will dive back in with both feet.  At least enough to gear up my Summoner and maybe to work on some of those dps alts a bit.

That's it for now.



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