Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Leveling and Gearing - A Regular Joar Update

Having covered the suggested Blapril topic for the week, I thought it would be good time for a regular update on the activity of the Joar empire.

I'm back to running the Big Five through world quests and emissaries every day - Warlock, Hunter, DK, Paladin and Druid.  I've been thinking about adding the demon hunter to that mix, but that feels like a bit much. 

I also continue to do the regular weekly cadence of Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossom assaults and the related delays.  Because I'm not doing the dailies in each zone every day, I'm still a ways off from hitting exalted with both of those factions.  I'm revered with both at this point and about 30% of the way to exalted.

Out of the Big Five, the druid is the last toon that I need to still do the new Wrathion 8.3 quest line on to get the legendary cloak, so I will spend an hour or so knocking that out when I get the time.

I've also been continuing to level Abbert when I have the chance.  He got as far as he wanted to in Mt. Hyjal before moving on to Jade Forest and is now sitting at level 88.  Consistent with my strategy recently, I'll wait until 92 to moving to Draenor, take the short-cut through Timeless Isle and then sit him while Garrison resources build up so I can buy 3 or so xp potions and head directly for Gorgrond.

As there's been plenty else to keep me occupied, I'm likely not going to get anyone besides Abbert to 120 while the xp bonus is live, but that's completely fine.  It's not like having 44 versus 42 max level toons is going to make or break things at this point anyway.  Plus, if it's just Abbert, that'll give me 8 more to try the new leveling experience in Shadowlands with.

That's about it for now. 



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