Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Blapril 2020 - New Bonuses

I was a bit surprised yesterday as I was running through the various emissary world quests on my Big Five toons when I was awarded with 3,000 rep for one of my hand-ins.  Had no idea this was coming, but it's another really nice buff on top of the experience buff.  I seem to remember calling for it a few weeks ago, so it's nice that someone is listening somewhere.

The rep buff does quite a few different things for people.  First, for folks that don't yet have either Legion or BfA pathfinder / flying or some of the allied races unlocked, it's a nice way to make both of those processes a lot easier.  So cheers for that.

For folks like me that just enjoy doing things on alts, if I want to add a sixth or seventh character to the Big Five, it makes it easier to get those folks to exalted.  Why get those folks to exalted?  For me, doing the emissaries each day is a great way to make gold.  A few of the emissaries award 2,000 gold right off the bat, the mats that I collect while doing them usually sell for a nice amount and the paragon chests that you get every 10,000 rep once exalted generally seem to award around 3,000 - 6,000 gold each.  And now, with the new rep bonuses, you can count on getting paragon chests every 3 emissaries or so.

I'm continuing to work on leveling Abbert in between doing Uldum and Pandaria assaults and the emissaries each day.  He just hit level 91, so is heading to Draenor.  He'll accumulate some garrison resources and then head off to Gorgond until about level 102.

Later in the week, I'll talk about some of my favorite story lines, quest lines and other content creaters from WoW and other games.



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