Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Escape to Azeroth

A 100% xp bonus.  For Joar.  For me.  Seems like a bad idea, right?  I mean, how many more characters could I potentially level to 120?  I'm sitting at 41 now, and practically, I can only do 9 more before I run out of room on my account and am forced to start a second (which seems like a tremendously bad idea, honestly). 

So I've been working on leveling Abbert.  Abbert was the first first toon that I ever created.  A gnome mage.  He's been sitting abandoned in Ironforge, patiently waiting his turn, for something like 14 years.  So now it's Abbert's time.  I've been leveling him as Arcane, because why not?

He just dinged level 59 yesterday, and to mix things up even further, I'm probably going to take him to Outland instead of my usual leveling route through Northrend and Borean Tundra.  So much wild and crazy going on in the Joar household these days.

I'm continuing to do the Uldum and Pandaria stuff dutifully every week because....it's there.  I took a shot or two at the last wing of LFR and decided I'm going to wait a few weeks before taking another.  Seemed to not being going very well upon initial release.  Too many folks just not getting it at all.

Making good progress on gearing up the various alts.  Only two of the 41 are still looking for gear from world quests.  The rest of the team is just waiting for me to run them through the Nazjatar intro quest line to get the ilvl pop on the Heart.  I'm currently sitting at an average ilvl of 388.8, so well above the goal, with a total of 23 currently above 385.  So decent progress there.

Once Abbert is done leveling, I've got the two new 8.3 allied race toons that I can work on, and then there will be six additional characters on my fourth server before I run out of space.  Not sure how long this bonus is going to last, but I'm guessing it won't be long enough to get much past finishing the allied race toons.  And that's fine.  Totally fine.



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