Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Just Gearing Up Alts

So in answering the "what next" question that I raised last time, I elected to go down the rabbit hole of gearing up my various alts, mostly using just world quests and emissary quests.

The goals was to get everyone to an average ilvl of at least 385.  Now, I was able to cheat that quite a bit right off the bat as I had more than enough Nazjatar tokens to get everyone full 385's except for rings, trinkets and weapons.  So it's mostly been a matter of watching world quests for those.

When I started a few weeks ago, the average ilvl of all 41 toons was 349.75.  Now it's 370, so I've made pretty decent progress.  There are twelve that are above the 385 mark.  I feel like I may need to run a bunch through the Nazjatar intro questline in order to get their Heart of Azeroth leveled up to a reasonable level though, and that may obviously take quite a bit of time, since I've only done that on 6 characters so far.

Beyond that, I've mostly been keeping up with Assaults and new LFR wings on my main.  So far, I've been enjoying things.  I've done wing 2 twice now and not sure I'll be doing it again.  Just way too long.

Looking forward to seeing wing 3 this week.

Lastly, I finally finished the goblin heritage armor questline.  This one was a major pain in the neck on a warrior, but after gearing him up a bit, and a few lucky pulls, I was able to get it knocked out.

Isn't he cute?  That's Joarmama, the Goblin Warrior.  And yes, I know I need a better transmog for the weapon.

Once I hit everyone's gearing targets, I may go ahead and work on professions, but not sure I see the point in that.  Something to do I guess.



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