Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ding. Level 120 #19 is done. First Since Unlocking Flying

So I finished my #19th toon on their journey from 110 to 120 yesterday.  The latest was my alliance demon hunter, who I also leveled as Havoc.  I continue to find the tank specs to just be too slow for leveling this xpac.  This was the first character leveled since unlocking flying.  The result seemed to be around a 20% reduction in leveling time.  I've got quite a few more to get through (as you can tell from the main page of this blog) and then a bunch more allied race toons to finish up before I even think of adding fresh characters starting from level one.  This one came in under 9 hours and I was average right around 11 hours with heirlooms but before flying.  Note that, as usual, I'm not trying for any leveling speed records with these - just a nice leisurely pace that usually includes some herbing and mining along the way.

Next up will be my alliance fury warrior.  I've been using him to mind the auction house so far this expansion, so those duties will have to be switched to the just completed demon hunter.

I'm thinking I might be trying a few level 1's in WoW classic before it comes to further expanding my character count in regular WoW.  Ah, the good old days when 6 days /played to level 60 was a really fast leveling time!  Fortunately, I still have my old hard copy of Joana's guide, so I'll be using that to help.  An actual printed out leveling guide instead of an addon.  That'll be fun!

I've reserved my first three toons on the server where my main guild will be playing.  Given that I play a wide variety of characters named some version of Joar, there's always a name I can use available.  Fortunately, the base Joar was still available on this server, so I snapped it up!




  1. Nice job!
    I'm following your posts for longer time and Finally 120 :D
    Have you been using any powerleveling guides?

    1. I've been using Azeroth Auto Pilot recently. It can be a little glitchy at times, especially if you've unlocked flying, but I really like the way it skips certain quests that are lower xp for the time required, gives you the ability to easily skip group quests and helps skip the cutscenes. I've used Zygor Guides in the past as well and find those to be very thorough. But they seem to be more focused on quest completeness rather than finding an ideal leveling path. And at lower levels, Zygor's doesn't really suggest an optimal zone progression.

      Thanks for following!


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