Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two More Level 110's

So almost within a day or two of my last blog post about giving up on the warrior class mount, I managed to get it.  I had a bunch of Broken Shore shards, so went and upgraded a few pieces of gear, and then just got "lucky" with the interrupts on the first boss.  The other bosses in the scenario gave me no difficulty at all, so the warrior class mount was mine!

I also managed to finish leveling two more toons to 110 - the unholy death knight and the survival hunter.  The interesting thing that I'm finding with heirloom scaling is that it gets significantly easier the farther along you get to 110, which seems odd.

Once hitting max level on the hunter, I switched him over to MM and am working on gearing him up a bit.

Next up is the feral druid and after that we're going to do frost mage, then enhancement shaman.

I've continued to run world quests on the warlock just to finish upgrading all his legendaries and to also get Concordance on a second weapon.  I've stopped on the hunter, but may pick up another toon to start doing world quests on if I get tired of doing the warlock.  Not sure who that might be yet though.

So far, LFR has been pretty easy on everyone.  I've been running it on both warlock and hunter and other than some groups having some confusion over which way to go to get to Mistress, everything seems to proceed relatively smoothly.



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