Monday, July 31, 2017

Another 110, and the Impact of Heirlooms on Leveling Time

So I managed to finish up my feral druid last week, making my 16th level 110 of this expansion.  Feral was fun, and like most of the toons that I've been leveling with heirlooms, seemed to get progressively easier as the leveling process went on.

The addition of heirlooms have knocked quite a bit off of the leveling time, dropping it from an average of around 16 hours or so to right around 9 hours for the last couple of toons leveled with heirlooms.

That's pretty consistent with where things were at this point in Warlords as well.

Up next is frost mage, followed by enhancement shaman.  I'm going to try doing more dungeons with the frost mage just to see what the impact is on leveling time.   Indications are that it will take longer that way, but I'm curious as to how much longer.

Beyond that, I'm continuing to run world quests on the warlock for reasons that I don't entirely understand.  I keep switching back between affliction and destruction, but both are fully maxed at this point, but so not sure it really matters that much.

That's about all the update for now.



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