Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Legionfall Grind Continues

So now that the Horde class leveling is done, I've chosen to focus on doing world quests, Legionfall content and world bosses on just a small number of toons - primarily my warlock, hunter and death knight.  So far, that's been working out fairly well.

I'm not in a big rush at this point to get to Exalted with Legionfall, because I think I'm pretty close to the point where the regular weekly new "content" will get me there before the Tomb opens as long as it continues to be 1,500 rep per week.  (I'm sitting at around 14,000/21,000)

Don't get me wrong, the alliance toons are set up, ordered and ready to go.  I'll be starting off with a demonology warlock, the unholy death knight, and survival hunter.  I'm focusing mostly on specs that I didn't do at all horde side.

Because my champions and professions are getting higher levels across the entire contingent, I'm also making gold at a faster rate than I did at the end of Warlords, which is still completely unbelievable to me.  The only profession that I'm actively using at this point to make gold is Tailoring, with a tiny bit of Jewelcrafting on the side.  Other than that, I'm just running order hall missions, doing world quests and selling mats.



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  1. Hi Joar

    Good to see you doing well! I just realised that you are now on my bnet friend list.

    I am enjoying your blog.

    I have three more class campaigns to finish as I have been busy trying to gear as quickly as possible all the classes. A fair few are now 880+ and I would say in two months I hope all are close or above 890 by purchasing 880 gear with shards, drops from world bosses and hopefully a legendary or two :)

    My goal is to complete all the class campaigns in the next week.

    Yesterday I took advantage of the legion invasion which netted me 130+ bloods and 13000+ shards across all toons.

    Keep up the blogging!


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