Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kind of Bored And Waiting for the Next Expansion? Already? Really?

So we're not even 6 months in to this, and I'm already kind of done with Warlords.  Not that I'm going to stop playing.  After all, I've got something like 10 more toons that I need to get to level cap to be ready for the next expansion, and as a severe altoholic, I do enjoy the leveling.

Even in Warlords, that process is something that I'm still enjoying.

But the rest of it, I'm kind of done with.  Unless they've got some interesting new content coming in 6.2, I have sort of lost interest in the rest of it.  Garrison's were a neat idea and something that I was pretty excited about going in, but now it feels a little bit like the list my wife leaves on the fridge for me every weekend.

I could really go for a couple of interesting faction daily quest hubs.  Something with some interesting rewards at the end.

The legendary chain has been interesting, but I think I decided to do it on more toons than I should have this time around.  Three was just way to much, and it's not leaving me enough time for leveling.

Right now, I've got two elemental tablets put together on my warlock, one fully put together on my hunter, and I'm pretty close to having my first put together on my death knight.

So my plan is to finish this phase with these three and when the next phase rolls around, decide if I want to move forward on anyone other than the warlock.

In the meantime, I've been making a little bit of leveling progress on the paladin and he's sitting at level 94 getting ready to head for Talador.

Shadow Priest will be up next.


  1. Amen. I don't have quite as many toons as you - I'm at 4 100's, a 96, a 95, two 92's, a 91, and a 40 on my Horde server and my highest alliance toon is 64 - but my 100's never leave the garrison anymore. I don't raid, I don't do 5 mans. I log on, collect mission rewards, and that's pretty much it. My lvl 100 mage goes back to Pandaria every day to run the August Celestials daily so I can get that bag recipe, but other than that, I run follower missions, collect work orders, open salvage crates, and log off (and the salvage crates and the work orders I only do a couple days a week now, in big batches). Thankfully I enjoy the leveling process as well, so I have SOMETHING to do, but once all my Horde toons are 100, I've got nothing to do other than take a crack at leveling those Alliance toons (and I rolled that level 64 dwarf in 2008, so I don't know if there's much motivation there).

    Keep up the blog, I know there are not many comments - and this is the first one I have left - but I refer back here all the time and am inspired by your perseverance.

  2. @Bo - hey Bo. I'm still running those 3 toons through the legendary quest chain, so that at least gives me something to do for now, although both of the 2 that aren't finished should be done in the next two weeks. I'm still enjoying the leveling process as well. I don't even seem to mind running new toons through the Tanaan Jungle intro which I know is driving some folks crazy these days. Of course, I only do one every two weeks or so to help break it up.

    Thanks for the comment!


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