Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is This Really How I Want To Be Spending My Time?

So I've got a total of three characters that I'm currently running through the legendary quest line that are all currently engaged in accumulating Elemental Runes.  As I pointed out last week, I expect that it's going to take me somewhere from 7-9 weeks to finish that portion of the quest line across all three of these toons, and I'm really questioning whether I want to even bother.

My schedule with work and real life now has made it extremely difficult for me to find the time to knock out full LFR clears across three different toons each week, so I may decide to just abandon it and focus on getting it done on my warlock.

The paladin finished up Frostfire and is now working through Gorgrond.

Both the shaman and the druid are hanging out in their garrisons gearing up and making money via garrison missions, which as an altoholic, works quite well for me.

It lets me keep gearing them in a way that they'll be ready for the next expansion, or able to hop into an LFR if I feel like it, with minimal investment of time.

Oh, and I finally got the Selfie camera on Joar.  I was a little disappointed to realize that it doesn't actually take a screenshot for you when you use it.  How hard would that have been?

This week will be more Elemental Rune grinding, more follower missions and leveling the paladin.

Next week I'll be out of town on vacation, so probably won't be playing at all.


  1. With how they've done catch up in the past you may just want to wait till they speed it up.

    1. Yeah, I'm sure they'll drop the requirement to make Elemental Tablets to around 100 runes from 300 right around the time I finish all the tablets on all three characters. I had something similar happen to me with the valor part of the MoP quest line.

  2. I've read that they stealth boosted the drop rate, but I didn't log what I got yesterday and compare it to what I got a week ago so I don't know.


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