Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Initial Preparations for WoD

The one year birthday of Siege of Orgrimmar passed since my last blog post.  No meaningful new content in over a year now.  Just sort of boggles the mind, doesn't it?  I've now managed to defeat Garrosh Hellscream on something like 13 different toons to the point that I can't stand the sight of the place.  I've taken to using the auction house in Undercity, just to avoid Orgrimmar.

I've continued to work on my alliance paladin, and he is very close to being ready to head to Northrend.  Getting to the home stretch on that one.  I think I may manage to get one more alliance character in addition to the paladin to max before WoD drops, but we'll see.  

I've also started to think about the various things I need to do to prepare for WoD.

So here's a quick version of my to-do list over the next few weeks.

  1. Make sure to spend all the accumulated valor and justice points on all 15 current max level toons.  I keep saying on Twitter that I'm currently working on #15, but now that I look closely at it, it's #16 I'm working on.  Sheesh.  In any case, there are still a handful of heirlooms that I don't have.  Nothing really better to do with those JP.  VP will likely go toward gear or upgrades.
  2. It really can't hurt to do some farming of lesser charms, since it will be possible to use them for upgrades once patch 6.0 drops.  Those little gear bonuses will help make the initial leveling zones just a little bit easier.
  3. Make sure to use those last few Burdens of Eternity.  See point above.
  4. Clean out those banks.  Some gear should be headed for void storage, and the stuff that isn't can just be sold or sharded.  This time around, all the crafting reagents can just stay, since that'll all going on a separate tab come 6.0.
  5. Timeless Isle gear fire sale.  I've managed to accumulate a few hundred pieces of Timeless Isle gear.  It's time for that all to be sharded or sold.  The good news is I've got enchanters in two separate armor types, so I'll be able to shard about half of it.
My to do list tends to get longer as we get closer to the expansion release date, so I'll be sure to post updates from time to time.


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