Sunday, May 4, 2014

Update on the Joar Army

So there really hasn't been much going on lately for me in WoW.  I've been raiding on various toons when I can, and doing Ordos on a toon or two each week.  I just recently changed jobs, and that's taken a bit of a bite out of my normal play time as well.

Looking back over the blog, I realized that I haven't posted an update on ilvl for the whole Joar LFR team, so I thought I'd update that here.  I've actually make some decent progress on a small group of toons, having 4 toons over 520 ilvl versus only two the last time I posted about this topic here (which was way back on January 7th).

So here is the update

Warlock - 543 -> 548
Shaman - 508 -> 529
DK - still 526
Hunter - 511 -> 523
Priest - 505 -> 517
Druid - 511 -> 513
Warrior still 511
Mage - 503 -> 510
Paladin - 506 -> 508
Monk - still 506
Rogue - 501 -> 503

My shaman has obviously been the biggest mover, but honestly, that's just been an effort to pick up those last few glyph recipes more than anything.

Might be time to give the monk, rogue and paladin some love over the next week or so.

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