Friday, January 10, 2014

Mission Accomplished, What Now?

So I did manage to finish up the Garrosh kill on my warrior last Wednesday, and have therefore fully completed my goal of killing Garrosh in LFR on a toon of each class.

So now I'm trying to figure out what comes next.  There seem to be a number of different options out there:

  • A little bit more focus on pet battling.  Right now, I've got to level some pets to finish off the Northrend Grand Master and then work through the Cataclysm tamers.  Could be interesting to see how far I can get on the pet battling content currently available.
  • Work on gearing my various toons in different specs.  There are a few that I've considered here and even started to work on a bit, including gearing the paladin for ret and prot, gearing the shaman for elemental, gearing the priest for shadow and maybe working on a feral set for the druid.
  • Get the Legendary cloak on a few more toons.  Umm.  No.
  • Finish working the Joar alliance army.  Right now my warlock is level 53, so not that far from being done, and would like do either the shaman or the priest next.  Maybe some druid love.
  • Challenge modes.  Haven't tried them even once so far.  Could be interesting.  
  • Achievement whoring.  I still have quite a few on Joar that wouldn't be that difficult to pick up.  Might be interesting.
I'm likely to work on some aspect of all of the above.  Not sure if any of them will get any particular focus, but we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, Ordos still owes me a neck on Joar, Shahao still has yaungol that he would like me to kill, and the Dark Shaman still owe Joar a trinket, so there are at least those short term goals to work towards.


  1. Congrats on your goal. It's nice to see someone as crazy as me :) Currently working on leveling my second set of every class.

  2. Thanks Cain. I keep coming back to working on my alliance toons, so I may not be far behind in getting that second set of every class. We're definitely in good company. I believe @wowmartiean is working on his third set.

  3. I went back and checked on my progress towards your goal and realized I was short complete clears on a few toons. Ironically it was actually my better geared alts that I hadn't focused on since SoO dropped because I was working on all of the newer toons. Over the last month I've slowly finished it up on the last few toons and finally got the last kill this weekend.

    I have gotten the second set of every class to 85 thanks to RaF. Finding it difficult to find the time to keep leveling them now that I've picked up running some non-LFR raids with a group recently on my main. I'm glad Love is in the Air is over as well because running that on 11 90's took a lot of time with still no mount to show for it.

    I guess I'll have to decide what I want to do the most.

  4. @Cain - Congrats on getting that last kill! I've started through SoO on one of my alliance toons at this point, so may end up getting there on 12 before it's all said and done. Still just chugging through Alliance side the old fashioned way (albeit heirloomed to the teeth)


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