Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Mythical Weapons of the Terrace

So I've now run the Terrace of Endless Spring 3 total times on my warlock and have yet to see a single weapon drop.  I've also run it once on my shadow priest with the same result.  If it wasn't for the fact that I have seen other people in the raids get them, I would be starting to be concerned that these weapons did not in fact exist but were simply put there in the Dungeon Journal to torture us.

So, my warlock is still using his 463 staff (now upgraded to 471).

I also now have a total of three characters that are geared enough to do the dungeon finder since my paladin is now there as well.  I'm getting close to being finished with the rep grind on my shadow priest as well.  He's about half way to revered with August Celestials, which is the last one up for him.

All these dailies and LFR runs on all these toons are not leaving a whole lot of time for leveling though, so I haven't really made any progress at all on the druid.  I might quit with the gearing at some point and just focus on leveling, but at least for now, the end game gearing is enough to keep me interested.

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