Friday, December 21, 2012

Ding! Level 90 #6.

I hit level 90 on my druid last night, making him my 6th character at max level.  Despite my flirtations with feral kitty, I ended up basically finishing him as boomkin.  I guess it's just easier for me to continue doing what I know.

The total played time on the druid from 85 to 90 was right around 24 hours, making him one of the slower toons to 90 so far.  This was probably in no small part due to time spent respecing and regearing while I flirted with feral.  No big deal.  An hour here or there doesn't make a huge difference anyway.

I also managed to max both of his professions along the way - skinning and leatherworking - leaving me with one more to go before I have all of them at 600.  That last one is engineering, so I've decided to pick up my rogue for leveling next to get engineering finished up.

I did dungeon finder this time through most of Kun Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes just for a change of pace.  It didn't seem to impact my leveling time significantly.  I went back to questing for all of Dread Wastes just for the Klaxxi rep in case I decide to do some end game with the druid at some point.

So now we'll start working on the rogue, all while continuing to finish dailies and run LFR on the warlock and priest.  I still go back and forth on whether I want to focus on disc or shadow for the priest, so for now I'm doing a little bit of both.

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