Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to One At A Time?

So after hitting 80 on my paladin last month, I've switched to working on my remaining four toons just a little bit at a time. My original thought was that this would be the most efficient way of leveling because I'd be maximizing the rested xp for all of them, but the strange thing is that it seems to have significantly slowed me down on all of these toons.

Part of it could be that I've been somewhat distracted working on other things as well. I've certainly been enjoying leveling my new alliance warlock, Joàr, over on Argent Dawn with Single Abstract Noun. Managed to get him to level 27 over the weekend. So, I guess if you factor in those levels, I haven't slowed down at all. But I just don't seem to be making much progress on the other toons.

I do tend to miss out on the feeling of accomplishment that comes from blazing through levels when you're focused on just one toon. Inching forward a bit at a time on four different toons just doesn't feel quite the same. That being said, I'm not willing to completely abandon the experiment just yet. So I will like continue with the way that I'm doing it at least through the end of March or maybe even the middle of April, just to see how it goes.

So here's where we stand on the various toons:

Mograwn - Enhancement Shammy - level 43
Zinjar - Shadow Priest - level 42
Joara - Frost Mage - level 41
Joarstab - Combat Rogue - level 31

I'm going to be rotating onto the Shadow Priest next for the next few days. I may focus on just questing for him since I've found running instances on the Shadow Priest to be a little disappointing. While I can absolutely crank on a boss fight, the lack of a decent AoE makes some of the big trash pulls that are popular these days a little less fun. Of course, a well timed mind-flay helps a lot with the runners that you get, so we'll see.

And, in my continuing series of lessons from the PUG, a few pearls of wisdom that I thought I'd pass along:

  • While I've come across quite a few decent retribution spec'd paladin tanks at lower levels, cloth spellpower gear probably isn't going to be a big help in that department. You probably don't need to be rolling need on that.
  • Thanks to all of you hunters out there equipping shields. Since you seem to love to pull before the tank, that extra block value is obviously a huge help (Hopefully your sarcasm settings were appropriately adjusted for that)
  • I'm really starting to like paladin tanks at low levels just because they have to stop and drink - huge help to the healer and caster dps.
  • Another simple tank/healer lesson - you can't be healed if you're around in a corner or in a different room. Be aware of where your healer is.
  • Deadmines is PUG death. I can't even count the number of times that I've been with a group that has half wiped on the way up the last set of ramps to the boat. Two people jumped off onto ledges escaping death, but the rest of the group has to do the huge run-back then figure out how to get back to the boat through tons of patrols in between.
  • Warlocks - ah, my beloved original class. First, at level 20, get ritual of summoning, and learn how to use it. No, you can't use a Soulstone to summon. No, it doesn't help the group that you've soulstoned yourself. Keep a full bag of shards at all times. Put your voidwalker away, and get out an imp instead. If you've got Hellfire or Searing Pain on your cast bar, please remove them.

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