Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Patch 3.2

Looks like patch 3.2 is dropping today and I for one am totally excited. I really can't decide what I want to do first (after the realms come back up that is). I expect I will jump straight away into the new battleground with both Joar and Tormal to see how that is. Sounds pretty cool!

Also, my level 22 paladin is safely parked in Orgrimmar waiting for her ability to get her mount before continuing with leveling.

Oh, and Branwyn, my level 44 druid, is going to need to head to the barber for a flea bath and to fine tune the new kitty form.

A couple of things that I noticed while perusing the patch notes:

New dungeon loot system - holy crap - why didn't this get more press! The ability to trade soulbound items among raid members for 2 hours! No more issues with the loot master accidentally giving the loot to the wrong raid member and there being nothing you could do about it. Or something you wanted more dropped later on? Arrange a trade perhaps? What a great thing!

Anyway - gotta respec the Death Knight too! Can't wait for the realms to go live.

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