Sunday, August 2, 2009

Leveling Updates

As much as I had planned to just park all of my alts and leave them until the new patch hits and leveling becomes significantly faster, I just haven't been able to bring myself to do that. I've been focused mostly on the druid and the paladin over the last week or so since returning vacation and have gotten Branwyn the druid to level 43 and Joaridan the paladin to level 21. I was planning to stop at level 20 with Joaridan and wait for the mount post-patch, but I was having so much fun playing this toon, I just couldn't stop.

It's actually made leveling the druid a little frustrating. Stealth? Why stealth when I can just storm in, attract the attention of everything in the neighborhood and then annihilate them all! That seems like faster leveling to me! I've actually contemplated putting the druid on the shelf for a little while and focus on leveling the paladin. The realize that the paladin is more than 20 levels behind, but it seems to progress so much faster that I almost irrationally feel like I could make that up. My real goal for both of these toons is to use them primarily for PvP / battlegrounds along with the occasional 5 man heroic and guild / pug raid. My mind is telling me that the druid is better suited for that plan, but the paladin is just so much fun! And the paladin is certainly great for farming HK's in battlegrounds, being almost impossible to kill.

In any case, my shaman, Mograwn, hasn't been getting any attention lately as a result! Oh well... I still plan to finish the trek to 80 on my alliance hunter as well, but at the moment, he's safely parked in Honor Hold waiting to start Outland at level 58.


  1. You're talking about the paladin annihilating everything, right? What spec are you using? I leveled my paladin during the days of classic WoW and I did it as prot... man was that a bummer!

  2. Yeah - I had actually started a paladin in the burning crusade days and tried to level him as prot as well - and agree - total bummer. This toon I'm leveling as ret and it seems to go a lot faster. It also helps a little that my Death Knight is a blacksmith, so is keeping the toon in pretty decent gear.


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