Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The First Alliance Toon of the Expansion is Done

I managed to finally hit 110 on my first alliance toon of the expansion, so yeah, go me.  The death knight is up next, but now seeing that heirlooms will be scaling to 110 starting with the next patch, I will probably just wait at this point.

In the meantime, I'm working on getting to the Concordance trait on 2 or 3 toons as well as finishing up the Broken Shore quest line on 2 or 3 toons as well.  This is proving to be a bit of a challenge on my death knight, because I hadn't actually done anything to gear up his various followers, so he doesn't actually have any Broken Shore Order Hall Missions available.

So we're gearing up a follower or two and we'll see if that shakes a mission loose to complete.

My warrior is the only toon that isn't gear enough to do Nighthold LFR at this point, although I'm not really enjoying melee much this expansion (which is a continuing theme from Draenor), so I'm not sure I care.  The warrior is also the only toon that doesn't have a legendary at this point, so I'll likely just keep doing emissary quests to try to get one to drop.

Finally, I've been doing some healing in Nighthold LFR on both the paladin and the druid, just to give it a try.  I've been a little sad to discover that Vuh'do appears to be too glitchy for me to use.  Not sure if it's how it interacts with other addons that I use, but the frames seem to change around mid-raid, making it impossible to use.  I've never been a big HealBot fan, so I'm going to give Grid and Clique a try.

I also thought this was a good opportunity to try my shaman as resto since I haven't been a big fan of elemental this expansion, so I went through and grabbed the artifact weapon for resto.  So I might give him a dash through Nighthold once the servers come back up later today just to see how that feels.

I've also never done healing on the monk and I may give that a try just to see.

So that's what's on the list for now.

  • Continue to do daily emissary quests on warlock and hunter, working towards the Concordance trait.
  • Do daily emissary quests and/or Nighthold LFR on the warrior until the poor little bloke finally gets a legendary.
  • Try out both resto shaman and monk healing (Mistweaver? - see, really know nothing about it)
  • Finish Broken Shore quest line on the DK - need to get a Broken Shore quest to pop on the Order Hall mission board.
  • Dive into whatever this weeks' installment of the Broken Shore quest line is going to be.
Not sure if we'll be able start actively working on class mounts this week or not, but if so, that'll be a definite focus.



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