Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ding, Level 110 #3.

So I managed to hit 110 on my hunter on Thursday of last week.  Definitely starting to see some pick up in level time as mob competition really drops off.  So the hunter managed to get there in right at 17 hours (16 hours and 58 minutes technically), compared to 23 hours and 24 minutes for the DK.  I did end up switching to beast mastery at the half way point, and while it was an absolute beast for leveling, I'm not finding it as awesome for world quests as I would have expected.

I now have 3 toons that I'm completing world quests and world bosses on regularly and beginning to wonder at the wisdom of doing that.

The death knight continues to be my absolute favorite toon for doing world quests, although I am decidedly not going to go back and work on Suramar on a second toon, so I'll still be relying on the warlock to get to completion on that front.

I'm pretty close to hitting revered with Nightfallen, leaving me with two more major quest chains to get through for Good Suramaritan.  All the other pieces of the first stage of Pathfinder are essentially done at this point.

So now I'm off to leveling the paladin, although with working 3 toons through world quests on a regular basis, I suspect that one may take some time to get through.



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  1. I'm at 110 on my mage and my warrior, and it's crazy to think that I want to play another 8 characters this expac! Some of the classes look really good, but I'm definately enjoying my mage the most! Deciding if I'm going with my hunter or my DK next, also have a druid for mats farming at 108! Some people say this expac is bad for alts, but I'm enjoying the challenge, specially when there are so many different ways to gear them!


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