Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy 7 Year Blogoversary To Me!

So the 7th anniversary of this blog passed pretty uneventfully this past week.  I've been trying to come up with something profound to write about, but with our current massive lack of content, I just don't have much to say in celebration of the passing of this milestone.

Mostly what I've been doing in game has still be focused around garrison gold-making.  I've been averaging around 250,000g per month across all my toons.  That total is for a total of 22 characters across two different servers.  I'm also generally not playing every day.  In general, it's an average of just over 12,000g per day played.

This is mostly just doing garrison missions and using excess garrison resources and the trading post to sell various materials on the auction house.

I've also been working on leveling my third hunter.  He just hit level 58 and is on his way to Outland.  If the pre-patch hits in late July like most are expecting, he'll probably be the last toon to get to max level before Legion drops.  Counting my level 100 boost (which I'm going to use on a rogue, oddly enough), that'll give me 25 level 100's for Legion.  Which is pretty much certifiably bat shit crazy.

Of course, like the last 3 expansions, Legion isn't expected to be at all alt friendly, so I'm sure that'll be the last time I level a huge volume of alts, just like the last 3 expansions. [/sarcasm off]




  1. My congratulations to you! 7 years are really long period! I think you are hard-working person, because you always add new gaming posts and information related to different games. We appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

  2. Kerry - thanks for the note. I'm glad you enjoy the blog!


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