Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Initial Thoughts on Patch 6.2

So patch notes are up for Patch 6.2 and as a crazed altoholic, I had a few general thoughts.

  • While a Shipyard sounds conceptually interesting, I'm not really looking for more regular garrison chores thank you very much.
  • We've combined all the things you hated about Hellfire Peninsula with all of the things you absolutely despised about the Timeless Isle in a fabulous new zone, Tanaan Jungle, all beautifully planned to drive you to start playing Overwatch instead when it releases.
  • For those of you who hated the intro sequence to Tanaan Jungle to the point of actually going back to the damn Timeless Isle to try to get out of it, we've added a whole new Tanaan Jungle series of quests that you're sure to hate just as much!
  • Our developers and artists have been hard at work designing a brand new, not new at all raid instance that is a place you've already been before a thousand times!  Welcome to Hellfire Citadel.  As an added bonus, you'll still have no clue how to run back to the instance when you wipe, just like the BC version!
  • In order to enhance our development productivity, parts of the new raid instance will just port you directly to old raid and dungeon instances where many of the "new" bosses already are.
  • Some classes have been buffed, some classes have been nerfed.  In general, the world is not coming to an end.  
  • While no details are yet available on the last portion of the legendary questline, please rest assured it will be grindy as shit.
So all cynicism and sarcasm aside, I'm always up for new content and trying something new, so I'll reserve judgment until I get the chance to run a few characters through.

As an update on other developments, I finally finished both the currently available legendary questline and the garrison campaign series on my warlock, Joar.  I'm currently working on my third elemental tablet on my hunter, who is about 22 runes in towards his 3rd, and am close to finishing up the 2nd tablet on my death knight, who is sitting at 264/300 runes on his second tablet.

I also finished up the quests necessary for upgrading the lumber mill and am currently working through the inn quests so I can upgrade that.  Because what else am I going to do?

My paladin is getting close to done - he's working his way through Nagrand and just a few bars from 99.  The shadow priest will be up next.  I'll be using fully upgraded heirlooms on the priest, just to see what difference that makes to leveling times.


  1. "As an added bonus, you'll still have no clue how to run back to the instance when you wipe, just like the BC version!"

    Brilliant! Actually made me laugh out loud :-)

  2. Still drives me nuts whenever I"m leveling through BC and end up wiping in one of those dungeons (which still happens every now and then which also boggles my mind).

    1. (found your blog from your comment on Alt:Chat.) On top of HC, you'll have the Timewalker versions of all those old BC dungeons (including the floating ones in Netherstorm with doors all over the place,) to now wipe on..


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