Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Assault on Garrosh Begins Tonight

So the end is now in sight for my goal of having all 11 of my max level toons take down Garrosh.  Thank you Loot Pinata Island for making all the gearing I did before patch 5.4 seem like a complete waste of time.

So of my 11 max level characters, 8 of them are currently geared enough to roll all the way through Siege of Orgrimmar.  Three of them have already done the first 3 wings, and two more have at least done the first two.

Unfortunately, that leaves 3 toons that may need to take a run or two through ToT in order to hit the minimum ilvl requirements for SoO.  Of course a few more Timeless Isle drops could potentially help with that too.  I need one more set of plate gloves, a leather helm, and a neck piece.  Of course, I should see if I can pick up a cheap valor neck for my rogue as that might go a long way towards putting him over the edge.

There's been some decent ilvl progress on these toons, but not a ton.

So here are the ilvl changes since my last update in mid-September:

Warlock - 520 -> 531
DK 496 -> 512
Hunter 498 -> 509
Druid 499 -> 504
Priest 501 -> 503
Mage - holding steady at 498
Shaman:  496 -> 498
Monk 490 -> 496
Paladin 481 -> 487
Rogue 478 -> 485
Warrior 473 -> 484

I've also taken to storing all of my Timeless pieces on a single toon to make tracking and distributing them easier.  I've got a simple little spreadsheet that shows which toons still need what upgrades, and I've been using that to hand things out after they drop on various toons.

I will likely be working through this in the order that they're listed above, with the hope that the already geared toons can do a little Timeless Isle farming while they wait in queue and hopefully get additional drops to help along the bottom three.

I think the biggest issue is that all three will likely need weapons out of ToT in order to hit the magic 496 mark (unless I want to pay up for crafted 502 weapons for each of them, which I don't).  So my plan is to use coins to get the enough Mogu Runes of Fate to have bonus rolls on all the ToT bosses that drop weapons for them (and maybe trinkets too since you're limited to one TI trinket per toon).  In any case, once the first 8 manage to down Garrosh and I can focus on the last 3, getting them the rest of the way to 496 shouldn't be too time consuming.

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