Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Maybe a Little More Focus Would Be In Order

So I know have a total of 5 toons that are geared enough to at least run Mogushan Vaults in LFR.  Two of those 5 characters are also geared enough to run the new Throne of Thunder LFR wings when the first of them is released later today.

On top of this, I've been working on gearing up two more characters to be able to run LFR - my druid and my death knight.

It all raises the question with me of why I am bothering.  It's really quite daunting, especially when you consider that making it over the hump to 470 and then 480 is either going to require multiple weeks running MV LFR and getting some lucky drops, or running lots of dailies in order to unlock all the valor gear that could be used for upgrades.

At a minimum, it seems that I'd need to get to revered with Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, August Celestials, Shado-Pan and Dominance Offensive in order to get access to all the possible upgrades.  Now I could focus each toon on just the faction that they absolutely need, but in a couple of cases, those are definitely gated behind Golden Lotus.

So I'm thinking about working one more toon - probably my mage - through to being ready for the new Throne of Thunder LFR and maybe not worrying about the rest for now.  Of course, there is always the option of working the pally through to that level since, as a healer, he's going to have shorter queues for LFR anyway.

So I'm debating.

The seven toons currently in progress leave me with only three that I haven't touched at all - Shaman, Rogue and Warrior.  I'm comfortable leaving the three of those on the bench for now.

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