Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dailies Dailies Dailies Dailies Dailies...ugh

So many freaking dailies.  I've been doing them for just a matter of a couple of days, and I'm already exceptionally tired of it.  Each day, between Golden Lotus, Klaaxi, Cloud Serpents, Tillers and Anglers, it's a good 2-3 hours just getting the dailies done.

Add in any heroics or scenarios at all, and it's become ridiculously time consuming.  The thing that has me really concerned is that I'm not yet Honored with Golden Lotus or Revered with Cloud Serpents or Klaaxi, which will unlock even more dailies, and then once I hit revered with Golden Lotus, it'll unlock two whole new factions that also have their own dailies that I need to do.

It's created a serious delay in my ability to level other characters.  I'm about two weeks from release and at this point in Cataclysm, I already had my second character to max level.  My third would follow about a week later.  I'm nowhere near that point with this expansion.

I'm hoping once I unlock Honored with Golden Lotus and can craft epic gloves and chest for myself, that'll give me enough iLvl to queue for LFR.  At that point, I might decide that I no longer give a crap about valor point gear and just stop with all the dailies.  I'd really like to get a 463 trinket out of heroics because right now I'm still rocking a 437 item there, so that would help a ton as well.  We'll see how that goes.

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