Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Addons For Leveling

There's just not much to talk about these days while waiting what is probably another 3 or 4 months for the next expansion to drop. Right now, I'm actually a little more focused on leveling a few of my SWTOR toons (gotta love the Legacy system - a game that actively rewards altoholics!).

In the meantime, I'm getting all of my toons prepped for the eventual drop of MoP (hehe..that rhymes). What that means right now is getting their bags cleaned out and making sure they've got the best bags available. Same thing with bank space.

Finally, I'm also going through and checking the addons that I used while leveling. There are not a lot of them, but thought this would be a good time to run through the ones that I use.

Carbonite: This isn't as useful now as it used to be with all of the additions to the Blizzard quest objective system. However, I still prefer it over the default, so it's generally the tool that I use to help with spotting and completing quests.

ArkInventory: This is the bag addon that I use. I find the customization options that it provides along with the ability for search for items across all of your toons and their various banks to be invaluable while leveling. It lets me easily keep track of what materials I have where that I may need to leveling crafting skills later on.

CrapAway: There are a lot of addons that do this, but this is the one that I tend to use. Does the simple task of selling all of your gray items every time you visit a vendor. Still not sure why Blizzard hasn't built this into the basic UI yet.

DotTracker: This is a new one for me, but one that I've grown to love. It's a simple addon that lets you keep track of your dots on a mob and notifies you right in the middle of your screen when they need to be refreshed. More useful in dungeons than while questing, but for those tougher mobs, it always helps to have a reminder.

Bartender: My action bar mod of choice. I've tried some of the others like Dominos, but I always seem to come back to Bartender at the end of the day. I love the customization and the ease of setting things up, particularly key bindings, bar size and location.

Gatherer: If you're going to be leveling any kind of gathering profession while questing, this is a great addon. It tracks and stores the locations of any mining or herbalism that either you or your guildies come across and will display them on your map. Also includes the ability to download existing node maps from places like Wowhead.

MakeRoom: If you do end up running out of space in your bags, this nice little addon will automatically suggest the lowest value gray items to be destroyed and take care of getting rid of them for you.

MikScrollingBattleText: I still just don't like the default Blizzard combat text. Mainly because I like to see which of my abilities are hitting for how much.

Pawn: This is a nice little addon that has a default set of stat weightings for each class (which can be modified / customized) and will use those stat weightings to let you judge whether a particular piece of gear (quest reward or drop) is an upgrade for you.

Tidy Plates: I use the Threat version of Tidy plates. It lets you easily keep track of which mobs are coming after you while questing and fighting.

Titan Panel: I use this primarily to track my xp per hour while questing, which I use to compare my approaches - questing, versus dungeons versus PvP. It also shows me the gold that I have on hand across my various toons if I need to move some cash around.

And that's basically it. Those are the addons that I find to be particularly helpful while questing and leveling.

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