Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've been going back and forth lately between PvP on my warlock and on my mage. I must say, the extreme control that comes with being a frost mage in some ways have me leaning more that direction than towards the warlock. I've just been having a lot more fun with the mage.

I've also been messing around with a variety of my other toons on the PvP front trying to figure out who to gear next. My warlock is in full bloodthirsty and is honor capped for the patch. The mage is also full bloodthirsty and is about a quarter of the way to the cap.

So, I've been debating who to work on next. I've been messing around off and on with the hunter, feral druid, resto druid, warrior, frost death knight. Also been wondering about either enhance or resto shammy or possible disc or shadow priest. Needless to say, nothing is really speaking to me and I can't decide who to focus on gearing next. Normally, with my propensity for ranged, I would say either hunter or shadow priest next. I tried the hunter a bit and it really wasn't speaking to me. Might give the shadow priest a bit of a spin next and see how it goes.

I also had a couple of really fun runs with the new warrior, so even though I tend to be fairly melee averse, I might actually go that way next. This is the extreme downside of being a leveling addict, is once you've got all those toons to 85, it becomes quite perplexing figuring out who to play next. Of course, it always gives you the option to mess around with everyone just a little bit, which is sort of what I've been doing. I even dished up a nice subtlety spec for my rogue, who is normally just my bank alt and played around with him for a few. Also incredibly fun.


  1. I agree, it gets confusing. You could always make up a schedule, like......go down the character selection screen, each toon must earn at least 1000 honor before you can go on to the next one.

    Have a goal, much like getting them to 85, otherwise you'll dither around and not get stuff done.

    I'm almost to 6 toons now with Drake of the West Wind. That's 200 TB tokens, but with at least 12 dailies available, it goes by pretty fast.

  2. @Bloodshrike - yeah - that's actually pretty similar to the approach that I've been taking. I've actually been working on gearing up my various toons one at a time while also working on finishing up the professions. I've just got Leatherworking and Engineering to go at this point, and only 7 points to go on Leatherworking - but I just refuse to overpay for Savage Leather - so I'm either snapping up bargains when I see them, or using what I get from the Tol Barad dailies.

    I have been tracking HK's per toon pretty closely, so that would be a good metric to use.


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