Friday, February 4, 2011

On to the Death Knight!

Hit 85 on the shadow priest today - so that's #6! Interestingly enough, it was also my fastest leveling time to date. My total played time to 85 from 80 was 21 hrs, 28 minutes.

My previous best was the enhance shaman at 23 hrs, 10 minutes. Of course, there were two different elements to this. I don't have any professions on this toon, so no extra time for that. I also didn't do a single dungeon on this toon.

So, now I'm on to the death knight.


  1. Grats on getting all your alts leveled that quickly!
    I've gotten 2 so far, and only 1 of them actually leveled through the new zones (Hyjal and Uldum for my DK). My main leveled through Archaeology and the dailies.

  2. @Bloodshrike - I've wondered about leveling through Archaeology. Had heard that was possible from a few people and had suggested it to guildies who were getting tired of questing. Glad to hear that it works!


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