Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Loremaster Update

I know it's only been two days since I posted about my decision to finish Loremaster before continuing to move forward with leveling my alts, but just wanted to provide a quick update.

I managed to complete about 100 quests in Kalimdor since Sunday (although granted mostly low hanging fruit like Durotar and Mulgore). I've also started to go back to figure out quests that I missed in other areas and have so far covered Winterspring, Thousand Needles, Barrens (amazing to me how many quests in Barrens I had skipped), Felwood, Feralas, Stonetalon Mountains, and a few in Tanaris.

My quest log is now full, so I have a few that I need to turn in and then I'm going to focus on Silithius for a little while as there seem to be an enormous amount of quests there that I can work on for a while, having never quested there while leveling.

I'm starting to feel like I am going to have to go back and run some of the instance quests that I'd been skipping thinking that those wouldn't really count anyway. I feel like I'm going to come up short based on what I still have to go if I don't knock those out.

So here's where we stand as of today:

Kalimdor - 206 quests to go.
Eastern Kingdoms - 258 quests to go

There have been some great quests that I've done that I never did on any of my toons that have been really interesting. Counterattack! - which you get from Regthar Deathgate in the Barrens after completing Herzul Bloodmark - a great quest where you defend the outpost from waves of centaur attacks. Not particularly hard as a level 80, but would probably be quite epic and difficult at level.

The fun thing about this is it's almost like a puzzle figuring out which quests count, which don't and which you can do or don't have. I'm using an addon called Everyquest to track completed quests which makes things a little easier, and it does display zone quests that you haven't done yet, but it takes a little research to figure out which of the undone quests are ones that you can do and are likely to count.

I'll continue to keep you posted!


  1. Heya Joar,

    One word - Lightheaded. It attaches to the side of your quest log, it shows you how how much xp you'd earn by completing the quest at your current level (some quests have scaling xp, others seem to have a set amount), and it also tells you what rep you'd earn by completing it.

    Not only that, but it basically gathered the wowhead comments on those quests, so you'll see in the comments whether or not the quest counts towards Loremaster. And if your quest log is full, just type in the quest name to see if it's worth trying to pick up later on.

  2. And grats on going towards Loremaster. The only reason I decided to do so on my main was because I was only a hundred or so off on both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, since I explored and did a lot of quests when I was first starting the game.

    My other toons look at the 400 + quests they'd need on both sides and said "screw that."

  3. Grats on going for Loremaster. I'm actually doing the same thing at the moment - putting my multiple alts on hold until I finish at least the Vanilla Loremaster achievements.

    One extremely helpful thing I found: using the wowhead-looter program, and then plugging your characters into a wowhead account will actually show you which quests you've completed, and which ones you're missing zone-by-zone. I found that EXCEPTIONALLY helpful.

    Another little tidbit that helped was in Kalimdor, there are 12 cloth turn-in rep quests (Trolls, Orc, and Tauren) for (Silk, Mageweave, Wool, and Runecloth). I forgot about them until I was 7 quests away and staring an grinding either Silithid carapaces or Twilight Cultist Regalia... Those things saved my sanity.

    I got Kalimdor done three days ago and I'm now 350/550 in Eastern Kingdoms...

    Good luck!

  4. @aboyandhisdeathrays - excellent point. I forgot to mention it in my post above, but I actually am using LightHeaded as well. It actually works with the EveryQuest addon that I mentioned so that you can see the quests that you haven't completed and then pull up the LightHeaded Info to figure out where to go. It's been extremely helpful so far.

    @Helver - I'll have to give the wowhead-looter program a try. I've been using EveryQuest, which works pretty well, but I'm always open to trying out new things. I think I've gotten about as far as I can on Kalimdor at this point without stepping into a few instances. I want to wrap up a few quests that I still know about and then hop over to Eastern Kingdoms. I know there are quite a few cross over quests that count for Kalimdor, so I want to make sure I have those nailed down before I do the instance runs in Kalimdor.

  5. Most of the reason I like the wowhead thing is that I can research quests while I'm doing other things - like pretending to work...


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