Monday, December 7, 2009

Power Priests

In addition to continuing to work on the Argent Tournament dailies on my main as part of my quest for Crusader, the bulk of the rest of my time this weekend was spent leveling my priest. Now, leveling a priest solo, while more fun that I remember, is certainly not the facerolling fun-fest that some classes can be.

However, I was surprised that leveling a priest in tandem with another priest is a truly formidable combination. So I spent a sizeable chunk of the weekend with my son working on leveling both of our priests, and so we were very easily able to get both of our priests from level 19 to level 24, absolutely destroying anything in our path. I'm leveling as shadow and my son is leveling as discipline and we are a truly formidable leveling combination.

In addition, I also managed to get my Shaman to level 28. So it was a good weekend overall for leveling. After sitting at level 14 as my bank alt for over a year, by priest has now gained 10 levels. I'm probably going to go back and give my paladin and hunter a little leveling love now that my other toons have been getting the bulk of the focus for a while.

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