Tuesday, January 7, 2014

End Goal in Sight - Two SoO Wings Left

So the little goal that I've been working on, similar to the one that I set for myself in Cataclysm, of killing the current expansion end raid boss in LFR on a toon of each class is almost complete.  I just need to manage to knock out Downfall on both my rogue and my warrior and it's all done.

As part of getting there, it's now also interesting to note that absolutely all of my Horde level 90's current have ilvl's over 500, which seems crazy.  Thank you Loot Island, I guess.

So I've started the process of regearing some of my other toons to run the current content in a different way.  I've put together a tanking set for my paladin.  The bar for a "decent" LFR tank has dropped so low at this point, that I start looking at it that I can't be any worse than quite a few of the tanks that I'm seeing in LFR these days.  Namely that I bring the following three advantages:

  • I have a pretty solid understanding of the mechanics of all the fights, having run them multiple times as dps and healers.  So I won't be that tank in raid chat going "First time here, so don't know boss.  Pulling in 10, 9, 8..."  
  • My gear is fully and appropriately gemmed and enchanted using the best help I can find from Icy Veins and Mr. Robot.
  • I have actual tanking trinkets and actual PvE gear and am not trying to sneak in using PvP trinkets that provide absolutely no help when tanking an actual raid boss.  Hey, I'm really hard to kill in WSG, so I'm guessing that'll work fine here too.  
I've also started to regear my shaman as elemental and I may also work on running a few things with my priest as shadow, although he already has most of the gear he'll need as I was never fully committed to healing on him anyway.  So that should give me a few things to work on for the near term future whenever I don't feel like leveling the Joar alliance army.

So here is the update on ilvl for the various toons since the last update on 12/4:

Warlock - 540 -> 543
DK - still 526
Hunter - still 511
Druid - still 511
Warrior - 493 -> 511 (yeah, crazy lucky with drops in his first three SoO wings)
Shaman - 498 -> 508
Monk - 502 -> 506
Paladin - 491-> 506
Priest - 503 -> 505
Mage - 498 -> 503
Rogue - 495 -> 501

There is a part of me that feel pretty bad about my priest being so far down the list since he was a toon I raided quite a bit on during Cataclysm and even early MoP, so I may give him a little extra attention in the short run to rectify that.

I'm also almost essentially done with gearing the warlock.  He's got two more drops that I'm convinced he will never actually get off of Ordos - neck and bracers, and then still needs the trinket from Dark Shaman.  After that, he's completely done.

So that's it for this installment of my alt addiction updates.  Look for an announcement in the next day or two about finally completing Garrosh kills on those last two toons.

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