Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two More Level 110's

So almost within a day or two of my last blog post about giving up on the warrior class mount, I managed to get it.  I had a bunch of Broken Shore shards, so went and upgraded a few pieces of gear, and then just got "lucky" with the interrupts on the first boss.  The other bosses in the scenario gave me no difficulty at all, so the warrior class mount was mine!

I also managed to finish leveling two more toons to 110 - the unholy death knight and the survival hunter.  The interesting thing that I'm finding with heirloom scaling is that it gets significantly easier the farther along you get to 110, which seems odd.

Once hitting max level on the hunter, I switched him over to MM and am working on gearing him up a bit.

Next up is the feral druid and after that we're going to do frost mage, then enhancement shaman.

I've continued to run world quests on the warlock just to finish upgrading all his legendaries and to also get Concordance on a second weapon.  I've stopped on the hunter, but may pick up another toon to start doing world quests on if I get tired of doing the warlock.  Not sure who that might be yet though.

So far, LFR has been pretty easy on everyone.  I've been running it on both warlock and hunter and other than some groups having some confusion over which way to go to get to Mistress, everything seems to proceed relatively smoothly.



Friday, June 30, 2017

Back to Leveling

So the class mounts are done.  Or at least most of them are.  Because warrior is my least favorite character (no judgment at all to those of you that love warrior - it's just never been a class that I've gotten the feel for), I can not for the life of me get through the Trial of Rage scenario to get the class mount.  That first guy with his Rampage and his totems gets me every time.

But that's okay.  I got the other 11.  And I'll come back and try again every now and then.  Eventually, I'll outgear the thing and it'll be mine.

So I've unlocked Concordance on the warlock and the hunter and running them through Tomb as it opens, so for now, I'm back to leveling.

I'm working on the alliance death knight at the moment.  I'm leveling him as unholy, which hasn't been my 100% favorite so far, but I'm sticking with it.

He's sitting at level 105 and working his way through Highmountain.  I want to try to get in some of Stormheim on him as well because I totally forgot to do that zone on the warlock, and I believe that's the only zone where the alliance content differs a little bit from the Horde.

Up next will be the alliance hunter, who I plan to level as survival, because I've not played that spec at all yet.



Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Class Mountapalooza

So the edge of your seat, riveting story line that was the Broken Shore campaign (/sarcasm) is now complete, and class mounts are now available all around.

I managed to get three right away as I'd been working all three toons through the steps of Breaching the Tomb.

While Blizzard appears to have outsourced the development of the Broken Shore story line to a Roomba with a pen taped to it, they've done a much better job with the quests for each class to obtain the actual mount.  I won't include any actual spoilers here, but at this point, I've done hunter, warlock and death knight and so far the hunter is my favorite.

The warlock one was a much bigger pain in the ass, so I'm not sure why there is such disparity in level of effort to obtain each mount.

I also like the death knight one!

So now I've decided I need them all, so I'm working all my Horde toons through the process of completing the aforementioned fabulous Broken Shore quest chain.

At this point, the remaining 9 toons are all through the Marks of Sentinax stage and 8 of the 9 are working on the 12 world quest portion.

My demon hunter is just waiting for the servers to come up today so he can collect his completed mission for the last part and then run off to do the demon hunter quest.

I think the ones that I'm least interested in are probably paladin and mage, so those are the last two that I'm running through.  Shaman is up next after the demon hunter.  As much as I've hated that character this expansion, the shaman class mount is really unique and I must have!

So that's it for this week.  Once all of those are done, we'll be running Joar and / or my hunter through Tomb once it opens, and then we'll probably go back to leveling the alliance portion of the empire.



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The First Alliance Toon of the Expansion is Done

I managed to finally hit 110 on my first alliance toon of the expansion, so yeah, go me.  The death knight is up next, but now seeing that heirlooms will be scaling to 110 starting with the next patch, I will probably just wait at this point.

In the meantime, I'm working on getting to the Concordance trait on 2 or 3 toons as well as finishing up the Broken Shore quest line on 2 or 3 toons as well.  This is proving to be a bit of a challenge on my death knight, because I hadn't actually done anything to gear up his various followers, so he doesn't actually have any Broken Shore Order Hall Missions available.

So we're gearing up a follower or two and we'll see if that shakes a mission loose to complete.

My warrior is the only toon that isn't gear enough to do Nighthold LFR at this point, although I'm not really enjoying melee much this expansion (which is a continuing theme from Draenor), so I'm not sure I care.  The warrior is also the only toon that doesn't have a legendary at this point, so I'll likely just keep doing emissary quests to try to get one to drop.

Finally, I've been doing some healing in Nighthold LFR on both the paladin and the druid, just to give it a try.  I've been a little sad to discover that Vuh'do appears to be too glitchy for me to use.  Not sure if it's how it interacts with other addons that I use, but the frames seem to change around mid-raid, making it impossible to use.  I've never been a big HealBot fan, so I'm going to give Grid and Clique a try.

I also thought this was a good opportunity to try my shaman as resto since I haven't been a big fan of elemental this expansion, so I went through and grabbed the artifact weapon for resto.  So I might give him a dash through Nighthold once the servers come back up later today just to see how that feels.

I've also never done healing on the monk and I may give that a try just to see.

So that's what's on the list for now.

  • Continue to do daily emissary quests on warlock and hunter, working towards the Concordance trait.
  • Do daily emissary quests and/or Nighthold LFR on the warrior until the poor little bloke finally gets a legendary.
  • Try out both resto shaman and monk healing (Mistweaver? - see, really know nothing about it)
  • Finish Broken Shore quest line on the DK - need to get a Broken Shore quest to pop on the Order Hall mission board.
  • Dive into whatever this weeks' installment of the Broken Shore quest line is going to be.
Not sure if we'll be able start actively working on class mounts this week or not, but if so, that'll be a definite focus.



Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Extra Artifact Traits Unlocked All Around

Well, that's all done.  I managed to finish not only unlocking the Broken Shore, but also the extra artifact traits on all twelve max level toons.  Why, you may ask?  I have no idea.

I'm also diligently working through each week's new installment of "content" on 3 different toons - my warlock, hunter and death knight.  Sadly, I pretty accurately called this week's installment.

OK, so it was only 3 instead of 10.  If next's weeks is the 1,000 Legionfall War Supply thing I'll be anxiously awaiting a check from Blizzard.

I'm continuing to work through emissary quests and all that on both the warlock and the hunter.  And yes, I have no idea why.  I guess I'd like to unlock the fancy Concordance thing on at least a couple of toons, just to see how it works.

Lastly, I've gone back to starting to level my alliance toons.  My warlock is sitting at level 107 and is finishing up Val'Sharah, before heading to Highmountain.  Using the Legion invasions as provided quite a boost to the leveling path.

I started the warlock as demonology, but found I really wasn't enjoying it very much, so have switched him over to  destruction.

Next up after the warlock will be the death knight, who I intend to level as unholy.



Friday, May 12, 2017

Unlocking the Broken Shore for Everyone

So I finished unlocking the Broken Shore on all 12 max level Horde toons and have now also started the process of getting the new Legionfall Champion and opening up the elite Broken Shore world quests (which often have 880 gear and other upgraded rewards).

It's been interesting to see all the stories for each class surrounding the Legionfall Champions.  At this point, I only have the warrior left to do.

Consistent with the rest of my Legion class quest experience, this time around Elemental Shaman was once again my least favorite.  If that wasn't already one of my wealthiest toons because of the good old days of inscription, I'd park his butt in front of the auction house for the rest of this expansion (or maybe just re-roll him as enhancement).

I'm also planning to unlock the additional artifact traits on everyone if possible, although at this point, I've only completed that on 5/12 toons, so that may take a little while.

Also, one quick tip that I got this week from an in-game friend.  Six of the twelve classes have an ability in their class order hall that can be researched that allows you to complete one World Quest per day for free with no effort.  Those classes are Warlock, Death Knight, Paladin, Demon Hunter, Mage and Warrior.  This is not only an easy way to get gear on these toons, but is also a way to keep a regular flow of resources coming in to enable you to keep running order hall missions for other rewards.

My plan is to blow through class hall missions to finish filling out artifact traits on those toons where that isn't already done.  And then work through the quests to unlock new artifact traits.



Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Legionfall Grind Continues

So now that the Horde class leveling is done, I've chosen to focus on doing world quests, Legionfall content and world bosses on just a small number of toons - primarily my warlock, hunter and death knight.  So far, that's been working out fairly well.

I'm not in a big rush at this point to get to Exalted with Legionfall, because I think I'm pretty close to the point where the regular weekly new "content" will get me there before the Tomb opens as long as it continues to be 1,500 rep per week.  (I'm sitting at around 14,000/21,000)

Don't get me wrong, the alliance toons are set up, ordered and ready to go.  I'll be starting off with a demonology warlock, the unholy death knight, and survival hunter.  I'm focusing mostly on specs that I didn't do at all horde side.

Because my champions and professions are getting higher levels across the entire contingent, I'm also making gold at a faster rate than I did at the end of Warlords, which is still completely unbelievable to me.  The only profession that I'm actively using at this point to make gold is Tailoring, with a tiny bit of Jewelcrafting on the side.  Other than that, I'm just running order hall missions, doing world quests and selling mats.