Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Closing in on #7

I managed to hit level 89 on my mage yesterday, so he's in the home stretch toward becoming my 7th max level character in MoP.  After feeling a bit squishy and underpowered at level 87, the mage has really started to strengthen back up at 88 and the quests in Townlong went much better than Kun Lai did.

Server maintenance today is likely going to delay me getting there until Wednesday, but it should still be getting done shortly.

I'm also down to just running one or two LFR wings per week on my warlock.  All he really needs at this point are two more Tier pieces which both drop in the second half of Heart of Fear.  I may actually start gearing another character since both the warlock and the priest are essentially fully geared at this point as well as being all rep'd up.

After finishing the mage, I'm likely going to go back to leveling the rogue, who is about half way through the Valley of the Four Winds. 

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