Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Feisty Return of Destro

So I've been playing my lock as demo for the last few weeks, mostly for the fun of popping Meta on trash packs and Immo Aura and Hellfiring everything in site to death. It's just big happy demon fun. As someone who has played destro since the end of BC, it's been very frustrating how poorly it has performed in 4.2.

So I'm very anxious to see how things go today with the buffs to destro in 4.3. All news from the PTR so far has been positive, so my imp will be returning to the light of day, and Joar will be roaming back on the path of fiery death.

Immediate plans are to work through the new 5-mans on 4 or 5 different toons and try to prep for doing some serious LFR work this weekend. We'll see how that goes!

My alchemists are all prepped with a nice supply of mats for epic gem transmutes as well, so hopefully it'll be a profitable first few days of the patch.

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